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Its been said I’m a body work magician with my extensive work within my Sports Therapy and alternative methods. A Sports Therapist with over a decade of hands on practice, offering a focus on body rehabilitation and practicing as a Registered Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, working with a diverse amount of techniques. All the while an active member with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.
My professional practice has allowed me to travel, practice, train and facilitate with teachers and elders throughout the world.
My alternative techniques and practices including but are not limited too Reflexology and Reiki both these and massage therapy are registered by NHPC. 
My facilitation background is diverse in offering workshop titles have included: The Shadow Effect; Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self; Staring into the Infinite; Multidimensional Healing; Cuddles, Conversations by Consent. Some specialized workshops focus on men’s groups and community healing circles. Lastly I have a lifetime applying personally and professionally Louise Hay inspired practices, facilitating and am privileged to be licensed and insured by Hay House to offer counselling, coaching, mentorship and retreats.


Areas of Focus

  • Regular Therapeutic Counselling
  • Wellness Life Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki


  Licensed Counsellor, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach with Hay House; specifically Heart Inspired Presentations.

Diploma in Child and Your Care Counselling 

  Certificate in Community and School Support Worker

  Masters in Sports Therapy with a major in Rehabilitation

  Registered Massage Therapist

  Registered Reflexologist

  Reiki Master

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